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English Tuition in Singapore – Learn English 1-on-1 From an Experienced Tutor

Are you looking for a good tutor? Here is the English Tuition that we provided in Singapore:

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary 6 English
  • ‘O’ level English
  • English Literature
  • GP Tuition
  • Adult English


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Do you desire to enhance your kids English learning experience?

Does your kid have difficulty understanding this subject in the class? Is he/ she confused when trying to speak English? Or does he/he feels embarrassed when communicating in English?

If your kid is being affected by any of above mentioned, then you can take advantage of our English tuitions now. English home tuitions is the ideal option for your child. Using personalized coaching, it’s the best approach to learn the English language.


Benefits Of English Home Tuition in Singapore

So, how can your kid benefits from English home tuitions?

1. Give attention to What Your Child’s Need
1-on-1 English tuitions provides the chance to follow a lesson which is totally customized to the kids needs. Parents will be able to select the element of English which they’d want the English tutor to pay attention to, and concentrate on personal problem areas.

2. Speed up the learning process
Incorporating English tutoring to your child present school lesson will significantly enhance your kids learning process and attain the most benefits.

3. A Raise in Self-confidence
Certain kids feel rather shy and self-conscious when conversing English inside a classroom, because they are afraid that their classmates may make fun of them, or laugh at their pronunciation. Kids who take English tutoring will feel inspired and motivated by their English home tutor.

4. Extended Practice
Kids who learn the English language in a large group, either in a tuition centre or at school, is simply another face within the group. Assuming they do not raise up their hand to communicate or answer questions, put simply, when they do not get involved, they will not practice English as much. It is specifically apparent in terms of learning the English communicating skills; in a large group, a kid does not get to communicate as much as if they’re alone with a personal tutor. In 1-on-1 tuition, the kid can participate in discussion with the personal tutor. On the other hand, speaking isn’t the only area in which extended practice is achievable; English home tuitions enables extended practice of reading, writing and listening abilities, too.

5. Getting ready for Exams
An excellent English tutor will probably be knowledgeable about existing MOE’s syllables, he/ she won’t waste time in session dealing with work that isn’t on the examination syllabus, he/ she will aid your child to get ready for the PSLE/ O-level or A-level exams.

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Due to the culture in Singapore, we have many kinds of languages, which include the dialects. Thus, it will take additional efforts to learn English here when compared to other countries; Besides, not neglecting the regular usage of Singlish, which has resulted in confusion over Standard English.

Considering that English is the primary language in our country, the majority of the subjects are based upon English; therefore, it is important to have a great command of this language. It is, likewise, a subject on its own, that is examined in PSLE, ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level.

The foundation of this language ought to be built up since young. Having said that, it’s never too late to begin. If your kid has problems with the English language, why don’t you think about hiring an English tutor for him / her?


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