Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

For Parents and Students

We are dedicated to get parents/student experienced tuition teachers; however, we do not guarantee that the tuition teacher would improve the grades of the student. Our company believes in mutual efforts, and we believe that both the parents and tutors need to participate in an equivalent effort to improve the outcomes. Parents are equally responsible for the great or bad scholastic outcomes of their kids, and we suggest that moms and dads must spend a little time in encouraging their kid, as the tuition teacher alone cannot bring the very best results as he spends just a couple of hours a week with the kid. In no case, we will be responsible for the bad academic results of the students. We just guarantee to do our finest on our part to help the students to locate qualified tuition teachers.

If you find that the tutor is unsuitable for you, then you can request us to change a new tutor. In this process, no contract is included. Nevertheless, once the tuition teacher accepts to take the assignments, he is bound to finish at least 4 lessons without changing the rates or schedule. Tutor can terminate the project once the 4 lessons are completed. We entirely prevent such habits of the teachers, and we request you to notify us about such case so that we may take needed actions.

Tuition Rates
The tuition rate will be quoted by our co-coordinator to you. The tuition rates are fixed and are strictly non negotiable once both you and the tutor agreed to the rate. If the tuition teacher attempts to increase the fee without our knowledge, you ought to let us know because this kind of activity is totally discouraged by us. If we get any such problems against a tutor, we will take serious actions.

The tuition rates we offer you will be quoted directly from our private tutors. The tuition rates published on our website are average quotes for the previous six months. Although it works as a great guide for both clients and tutors, we do not ensure that tutors would quote within the range. Upon agreement of the tutor for the tuition job at an agreed tuition rate and schedule, you are not permitted to renegotiate the rate and schedule with the tutor without our knowledge. If you renegotiated a lower tuition rate with the tutor, the initial rate agreed with our co-coordinator is still the main rate, which is still accountable for the commission computation that we will receive from you. You need to notify us instantly if the tutor attempts to renegotiate the tuition rate or schedule prior to the completion of 4 weeks of lessons. The tuition schedule and rate, once agreed can still be renegotiated by you, however, subjected to further approval by the tutor. If there is a need, we’ll recommend a new tutor to suit your new requirements.

Commission and Payments
For the very first two weeks, a tutor’s tuition costs will be paid to us as commission. After the preliminary 2 week duration, clients will pay the tuition fees directly to the tutor. In case of cancellation either by the parent or tutor anytime during the first month, half of the amount will be paid to us as commission.

Tutors’ Credential
We do not make any amendments to the information in our tutor database and we show it as it is to our clients as we trust that our tutors will provide us with the genuine information. However, we request the tutor to present hard copies of his/her certificates and documentations to the parent/student on the first lesson. It is client’s responsibility to double-check the tutor’s qualifications and credentials on the first lesson to ensure satisfaction.

Tuition sessions will be held at student’s location. However, if you recommend any other location for the tuition, we can make arrangements for this too. We will not be accountable if the given place is suitable or unsuitable to be utilized for the lessons, and it’ll still be counted as a paid session.

First Lesson
When you accept the tutor assigned to you, you will not be able to change the schedule of the first lesson. Adjustments in schedule can only be made in serious cases for such as the student is sick…etc. This type of changes in schedule should be notified to us by the moms and dads beforehand so that we can make necessary arrangements. We advise you to check the NRIC and credentials of the tutor on the very first lesson.

Cancellation and Postpone of Lesson
Customers are enabled to make changes to the schedule after the very first lesson is over. However, it is not advised by us to do so as the tutor has actually already scheduled that slot of time for you. If you want to make changes to the schedule, please talk to the tutor if he is in the position to alter the schedule or not.

We are not responsible for any insurance claims pertaining to any issue, injuries or loss while going to the house tuition. This exception is, likewise, applicable to all cost and expenses sustained as a result of such claims. We are simply a tuition agency for recommending private tutors, and we are not subjected to pay any kind of losses. If a private tutor is get involved in any kid of damage and loss in the home of the client, he will be charged to pay the losses. Our agency holds no responsibility or liability for issues, distress, or conflicts that are caused by the tutor. We will not act as an arbitrator for any disagreements that arise between the tutor and client. We reserve the right to deny or end the services to any tutor or customer at any time.

Complaints From Customers
The conduct of tutors is very important in home tuition. We will take any kind of feedbacks and complains from the clients about the conduct and behaviour of the private tutor seriously, and the private tutor will be called for explanations if needed. If a private tutor gets more complains, it means his will has lesser chances of getting tuition assignments from us, until and unless he or she changes their conduct.

Any loss to the client’s property i.e Tuition venue, stationary and books of the students, and any other stuff by the tuition teacher is highly discouraged by our agency, and tutor would have to pay for all the losses in such a case.


This website is mainly made for the purpose of assisting the parents and students to find the best private tutors for their kids. However, We will not be responsible for any kind of losses, damage or inconvenience caused by the usage of this website.

We hold the complete right to make changes in our terms and conditions without any prior notice.