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Average Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

Below are the tuition fee rates for preschool, primary, secondary, IP, IB, JC and poly level.

Our home tutors are categorized based on their qualifications and status. Most private tutors are regarded as freelancers and quote their very own tuition rates. The chart listed here are according to averages in line with the asking rates we get day-to-day from tutors around Singapore.

Be aware that when your preferred budget per hour is below the minimum, normally there won’t be any tutors for your tuition request. As a result, we strongly advise you to follow tightly to the hourly rates mentioned in the table beneath. Please take note all these rates are according to what the average qualified, experienced tutor expects. On the other hand, should your budget is not in range below, do still call us because we may still manage to assist you.

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Please Check The Private Tuition Rates Below:

Level Of Student A Level Undergrad Full Time  Teacher
Preschool 15-20 20-25 25-35 40-50
Pri 1-3 18-22 20-25 30-35 40-50
Pri 4-6 20-25 20-30 30-40 50-60
Sec 1-2 20-35 25-30 40-50 60-70
Sec 3-5 25-35 30-35 40-60 60-70
ITE 25-35 30-35 40-60 80-100
JC/ Poly N.A. 35-40 50-70 100-120
Language for Adults 20-30 20-35 30-50 50-70

*** Note: Tuition fees are based on per hourly basis.


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Please note that tutors with good experience or qualification, or perhaps are popular won’t accept tutoring assignments at low tuition fees. Often, parents and students ought to adhere closely to the tuition fees mentioned in the table above. Should you have a lower budget compared to tuition fees above, we’ll still try our very best to assist you look for a private tutor.

Certain home tutors can take up tuition assignments which offer lower tuition fees when they are living very close the students’ homes, or if perhaps students can go to the tutor’s place.

We do not regulate or modify the tuition fees. All fees offered are in line with the open market. Our staff who’re very familiar with the private tuition industry will make sure a fair deal by ensuring that our customers are well-informed and that the tutors are getting reasonable home tuition rates based on their teaching experience and qualifications.


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