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Best Ways To Study During The Dead Week

The most dreaded week in college is nearing – the finals week. Classes are finally over and judgment day for most of your classes is looming a week away. No more need to get prepared for classes, write essays etc. It’s dead week and you supposedly have all the time for yourself this week to prepare. It’s called “dead,” but remember not to die this week. Take advantage of it to stay alive for the finals. There are so many ways to do that. Choose the best technique for you and study well.

Prepare a schedule

Dead week is a busy week for college students. Almost everyone will go out partying. Others will be busy doing their own stuff. This week is supposedly for students to prepare for the finals. But it is hard to avoid hanging out when everyone else is asking you to go out with them. Prepare a schedule which will include both studying and partying. Specify what time of the day will be allocated for your studies and when you will go out to do other things. Look also for a place where it is best for you to study. Studying at the same quiet place at an undisturbed time will allow you to concentrate and understand things better.

Visit the library

If you think studying in a quiet room is best for you, then the library is the best place to go. Before dead week comes, reserve a room in the library which you can use for the rest of the week. Invite friends who want to join you. You can hold a group review session here so you can help each other out. Inside the library, there are no distractions. All of you can focus well on studying.

Turn off your electronic devices

Distractions while studying are a big no-no. Once it’s time for you to study, turn off all your electronic devices. Shut down your laptop. Stop browsing blogs on your iPad. Switch your phone to silent mode. Better yet, turn all of them off. These devices can be a huge disruption while studying. A friend may call inviting you to go to a frat party or bar hopping. Someone may keep chatting you up on YM. If you don’t shut them all out at the designated time for study, you might not get down to studying at all.

Handle the pressure

Finals will be next after the long dead week. It will be difficult not to be stressed. You can handle this properly by not worrying. You have lots of time to prepare, so list all the things you need to do and topics to study and align this with your schedule. Each time you finish something, check it off. In no time, if you stick to your schedule, you will be able to get all things done before the finals. Don’t forget to make some time to relax. Go out with your friends and do different activities that will take your mind off the dreaded week to come. Go swimming. Play some sports. Dance. This will help you keep yourself sane and alive during the dead week.

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