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A lot of parents feel that preschool home tutoring is essential. Even though the tuition is not so much on teaching subjects to the kids, but it will educate the kids to get a passion for learning and also a drive to be successful. Not surprisingly, there are stuff that a kid can learn on their classmates which will provide them a jump prior to them entering into the primary school.

a kid having preschool tuition in Singapore

In pre-school, the primary focus is on English language and Native Language. These are typically 2 subjects that the kid will take with them for the remainder of their lives. By getting a jump start via private tuition, it will assist to build a solid foundation for your kid to take with them in their future career or studies.

The second thing is, your kid might be shy to speak up in front of his or her classmates in class at this type of young age. As a consequence, they won’t want to clarify any queries should they have any. By getting preschool private tuition, it offers your youngster personalized attention with the teacher. This provides the opportunity for the kid to have more interaction with your tutor. In this case, your kid can ask the tutor any kind of questions which they may have.

Last but not least, kids tend to interact more with the private tutor and so preschool home tutoring is more engaging than in class. It will teach your kid to become much more outspoken and never to be terrified of asking questions in the school.

Nursery, K1, K2
Subjects Chinese, English, Maths, Malay, Tamil
Tuition Rates Diploma/ Undergraduate Tutor: $20 – $25/hour

GraduatedTutor/ Full-time Tutor: $25- $30/hour

Ex/ Current School Teacher: $35 – $45/hour

Location and Timing You are able to select your preferred day / timing
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