How to request for a tutor?

Please fill in your details in the ‘Request a tutor’ form.
You do not have to do anything after submitting in your request. We will contact you for any further information if required and will process application asap. Next, we will call to discuss with you regarding the tutor and arrange a date and time for your first lesson.


Who are our tutors?

* Undergraduate
* Lecturer
* Current school teacher
* Ex-school teacher
* Full-time tutor
* Tuition centre teacher
* Part-time tutor


How to make payment?

We collect 50% of the first month’s tuition fee as referral fee. We will arrange a despatch to collect a cheque or cash from you at your most convenient time. You may also make payment either by mailing a cheque or bank transfer to us. We will provide you with the actual detail when payment is due.


How to check the tutor’s qualification?

Before we assign any tuition jobs to the tutors, we will speak them personally and confirm their qualification. Basically, we trust our tutors to state their qualification accurately. To prevent any misunderstanding, we instruct tutors to bring their qualification certificate at their first lesson. Parents are allowed to check the tutor’s qualification whenever they like..

If you find that the tutor qualification is inaccurate, contact us as soon as possible. We will check and decide whether it is an honest mistake or a fraud. We will replace a tutor on your next lesson at no charge.


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